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Client Feedback

Thanks to their technical expertise, XPLUS was awarded by Suez GROUPE several development contracts related to Dynamics AX and is considered as a trusted and reliable partner. Here is an excerpt of some of the work that was done…more >>>

Bereits seit 2009 setzt die Schüco International KG in mehreren ihrer Landesgesellschaften Microsoft Dynamics AX als ERP-System ein. Laufende Anpassungen an der Software und den Geschäftsprozessen…more >>>

GO! Express & Logistics steht kurz vor der Einführung eines neuen ERP Systems auf Basis von Microsoft Dynamics AX. Da ein erfolgreicher Go Live, den der Logistikdienstleister für 2017 plant…more >>>

We originally started our cooperation with XPLUS because of their unique testing software for Dynamics AX – Executive Automats. The effectiveness of this software led to XPLUS being awarded…more >>>

case study:

German Schuco International KG subsidaires are still working on central implementation of MIcrosoft Dynamics AX in six different countries with different time zones. Leading supplier of high quality window systems, doors and facades made of aluminum, plastics and steel. To deliver safe and security for customers Schuco needs to perform intensive tests for each subsidiary and each shift. Because of complexity of ERP system, number of users and complicated bussiness processes manual tests were very time consuming and uneffective. Those factors were main reason why Schuco decided to invest in Automated tests. Main goal to reach: costeffectivness in tests and in the same time increase or sustain with quality of development.

After analysis of Automated test market in Dynamics AX. Schuco decided that Executive Automats was most convinient and efficent solution for all needs they had. Solution was delivered to Schuco by Dynamics Automated partner, Webtelligence.

Still evolving..

Nowdays Schuco still uses Executive Automats to optimize quality of new modifications which are made to face market needs and fit to goverment regulations. By automated tests IT department can be sure that new release will not have any negative impact on production enviroment. With this insurance Schuco can develop their bussiness without any doubts..

“Good example of potential of Executive automats is situation with Microsoft’s patch for Indian Goverment regualtion which was implementen in April 2017. Thanks to automated tests Schuco was able to identify errors and send test cases directly to developers. With this approach Schuco was able to procced with their bussiness accordingly to local finance requirments, time and cost effective.

Webtelligence is authorised partner in German/Austrian market run by Michael Roedeske – Specialist with years of experience in Microsoft technologies