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Introduction to Executive Automats

Introduction to Executive Automats – Record & Play

Introduction to Executive Automats – system views

Conditional and validation Steps

Using Excel files


Azure DevOps Integration

Number Sequences

Virtual Users

Invoice tax validation

Validating vendor’s data

Creating new Lead in D365CE

Easy Script Examples – Email in MS Outlook

Easy Script Examples – Search in Google

Extending Scripts with Excel data and validations in D365

Process Documentation Creator for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Editing and Modifying Test Script at the D365CE

Automated testing in D365FO – End-to-end business process testing

Script Recording and Testing in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012

Security Permisssions Set-up in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Executive Automats for MS Dynamics AX 2012 – Webinar

EA365 General Overview of Main Features

EA2012 Webinar

EA365 CRM Webinar

EA365 FO Webinar