Automated Testing in MS Dynamics AX/365 and its integrated platforms Keep your Microsoft Dynamics AX/365FO/CRM fully tested through upgrades and modifications. Ready to go in 1 hour, zero coding, complete end-to-end integration testing

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Cross-platform regression testing to protect your critical business processes from day 1

Everything you really expect from a modern test automation approach. Designed by Gold Microsoft Partner and enhanced since 2013, to increase MS Dynamics AX/365/CRM deployments speed, increase testing quality and accuracy. Ready to help you secure your core business processes from failures under continuous software development lifecycle and application updates.

Join test cases into scenarios
Join test cases into scenarios
Individual scripts may be joined into scenarios with variables. You may work with scripts as with Lego puzzles creating different scenarios out of them
Use "IF / THEN" conditions
Create complex validations that verify the expected results of your test cases. You may use multiple level conditional checks (embedded conditionals)
Modify test cases in seconds
Modify test cases in seconds
Everything you create may be easily modified. Copy and reorder steps, make them optional, delete or re-record missing actions
Loop different data sets
Loop different data sets
You may create loops to iterate through a selected part of a test scenario ie. to test different data sets
Test workflows
Test workflows
You may test workflows, using different user accounts and specific "Login" steps. Combined with conditional steps and validations you may create complex workflow test cases
Schedule test suites
Schedule test suites
Combine your test cases and test scenarios into test suites. Use the Scheduler feature to plan the test execution whenever needed.
Manage testing projects
Manage testing projects
Use Project feature to manage all your test projects and simplify their management.
Speed up rollouts
Speed up rollouts
Test scripts may be executed on different target environments and different entities. You may change the target environment for entire test plans with a few clicks.
Report detailed test results
Report detailed test results
Test script execution results may be reviewed in detail and detailed reports, including screenshots, are available.
Input Excel files
Input Excel files
Test case input data sets may be provided with Excel files. You may iterate through excel lines to use different data sets with your test case.
Integrate with DevOps (VSTS)
Integrate with DevOps (VSTS)
Full Azure DevOps integration including pipelines, bug reporting, and test plans.
Capture variables from UX
Capture variables from UX
Capture any object visible from the user interface and save it as a variable for further use.

Now it’s Easy, Fast and 100% Codeless.

65% time savings on automated testing!

Solutions to real testing problems

Multi platform. Test web-based integrations

Not limited to Dynamics 365FO. Create cross-platform test scenarios to test data integrations between your systems and applications. You may test complete business processes starting in one platform to skip to another (in CRM to ERP).

Easy to use. Ready to start on Day 1

Create conditional steps, loops, validate fields, compare steps results or jump between steps using constant or external Excel data. Create automated test scenarios in minutes. All without coding.

100% Flexibility & Reusability of testing scripts

Modify your testing scripts at any time. Add steps, variables, conditions, loops, guards and external source data to increase test accuracy and speed. Having scripts done, create a process documentation or run performance tests.

Complete testing platform. Azure DevOps integrated

Manage your automated tests from one place. Record, edit, run on demand, schedule executions, run and view results in one application. You may also integrate Executive Automats with Azure DevOPS (VSTS) to create Work Items or Trigger tests executions.

Reduce complexity of your test project

Group test scenarios into Projects to be managed by individuals and teams. Copy your scripts and its parts, embeed scripts into scripts for faster work, reusability and increased quality.

Use Cases

See how Executive Automats advanced features can help you solve real-world testing problems in highly customized and integrated environments.

Test case creation. New Lead creation in Dynamics 365 Sales

Test case creation. Creating vendor account with validation in Dynamics 365FO

Test case creation. End-to-end business process testing in Dynamics 365FO

Performance Testing

Use existing test cases to run a number of parallel users sessions to simulate real life system stress

  • You can simulate 100’s, even 1000’s of parallel business process executions to see how your system responds.
  • Plan, design and execute a whole performance test project within hours.
Black Friday load testing anytime
Black Friday load testing anytime

Put max stress on the system to see how it will perform in high stress/volume situations whenever you want

Real-world stress test simulation
Real-world stress test simulation

Perform stress tests which simulate real users performing daily tasks by multiplying sessions and running them in parallel

Ensure system stability during peak load
Ensure system stability during peak load

Complete all of your tests on time with parallel executions that allow you to run 100s of tests simultaneously

Functional and technical support & services

Executive Automats Clients get continuous and fast functional and technical support. We respond to enquiries as soon as possible but not later than within 24 hours (usually quicker).

Workshops trainings

Every new customer provided with an extensive, hands-on, certified trainings.

Live support lines

Functional, live-supportlines, with Skype, Teams and Emails.

Automated testing services

Executive Automats experts available for onsite project to support customer teams.

Product customizations

Teams of developers to solve technical issues and provide customizations.

Different time-zones support

We work in European, US and Indian time zones to support your global testing needs.

Knowledge Base

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Among top 1% of Microsoft Partners

XPLUS has been operating on the IT market since June 2002. We are a Microsoft Inner Circle member (World Top 1%), and Gold Certified ERP Partner.

About us

We are a team of +100 developers, consultants, business and technical architects and project managers dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 solutions.

We offer implementation, maintenance and development of IT systems.

We developed Executive Automats (first vrelease in 2013) for automated testing and security permissions to reduce roll-out, new releases and code development times.

EA is Certified by Microsoft and available on AppSource.

Executive Automats allows our development specialists to focus exclusively on creating the custom solutions and functionalities you need.

Resulting in less time to realization, higher quality, and lower costs of the project and affected business processes.

Our pioneering approach and methods promote absolute predictability of our projects, informed decision making, and communication while guaranteeing that you only pay for the effect of work completed.

Executive Automats Core Team

ARTUR ZYZAK ARTUR ZYZAK Head of Product Development
Jacob Davis Jacob Davis International Sales Manager
Mateusz Łukowiec Mateusz Łukowiec Partnership Program Manager
*In total we have 100+ people

Executive Automats Partnership Program

Get ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade plan and protect your customers’ business processes from failures.

About us

We are a Microsoft Inner Circle member, and Gold Certified ERP partner. We offer Microsoft Dynamics implementation services since 2004 and we have worked with hundreds of medium and large size companies. Executive Automats was developed to improve Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation projects and it has evolved into a fully independent process automation tool.

Get ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade plan and protect your customers’ business processes from failures.


We provide a full functional support to help our Partners present, propose and deliver Executive Automats for their customers. Get our trial environment free to check its possibilitites, compare to RSAT or challange under your real automated testing needs.

Service Partner

Become an independent Executive Automats provider to propose a full scope of automated testing services to your customers. Collaborate with our development team to provide specific solutions for your customer’s expectations.

Let us share with you the idea how to best utilize our tool and to empower your customers with a solution to keep their Dynamics 365 applications ready for upgrades.

They’ve trusted Executive Automats

Thanks to their innovative approach to fast and codeless solution, we have an automated testing solution that spans across multiple applications for our current and future needs


Thanks to Executive Automats, Suez Groupe was able to reduce dramatically the number of man days required to complete a major Dynamics AX upgrade project (from AX 2012 R2 CU1 to AX 2012 R3 CU11)


We use Executive Automats to further improve the quality in the development process through automated tests optimized to identify possible sources of errors in advance and to rule them out


and many more