Executive Automats is the best, UI based, coding-free, Record & Play tool, to empower your Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 testing team with  effective automated tests. 

You can easily reuse testing scenarios to create business process documentation, run performance tests and set-up precise system security roles, duties and privileges.

UI based testing automation without coding. Move your Microsoft Dynamics AX/365/CRM system maintenance to a next level.

Record users’ actions performed in the Microsoft Dynamics. Replay these actions, feed with external data, loop, validate and combine into scenarios.

Design any process execution scenario to perform automated tests, performance tests or setup precise users’ roles and privileges in the system. No coding required.

Perfect for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/2012 and Dynamics 365FO, but works with different web-based platforms. You can manage your business processes performed in D365 For Sales, Outlook, e-commerce platforms, Google and many others.

Improve your system performance and keep hotfixes smooth implementation


Super easy business process automation

EA easily automates business processes performed in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Set-up your own system robots to help with your daily business processes routines, increase efficiency and eliminate human errors.

65% time savings on automated testing

EA can perform hundreds of end-to-end business process tests simultaneously. It can fully automate your testing needs, by giving you the ability to easily record scripts for test scenarios and schedule them whenever you want.

Set-up precise security permissions 4x faster

EA optimizes security permissions set-up and gives your users the exact permissions they need to perform their job, allowing you to reduce licensing costs and time spent on role creation and assignment.

Find out how your system performs under stress, before the stress.

EA shows you how your system will perform under stress by allowing you to run 100’s even 1000’s of processes simultaneously, allowing you to make system adjustments before peak hours arrive