Keep your Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 business processes running smooth, stable and secure.

Executive Automats is the easiest and most complete automated testing suite to empower your Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 with regression tests, performance tests and security setup.

Prepare and run automated tests suites in minutes, without coding.

Record users’ actions performed in the Microsoft Dynamics. Replay these actions, feed with external data, loop, validate and combine into scenarios.

Design any process execution scenario to perform automated tests, performance tests or setup precise users’ roles and privileges in the system. No coding required.

Perfect for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009/2012 and Dynamics 365FO, but works with different web-based platforms. You can manage your business processes performed in D365 For Sales, Outlook, e-commerce platforms, Google and many others.

Improve your system performance and keep code deployments smooth


Super easy test automation

No coding and no developers and needed to create and maintan test scenarios. You may easily create ready to use automated tests in seconds, modify and reuse in various ways. It was never that easy as now!

65% time savings on automated testing

Time is money. Due to limited resources you need to select what not to test? If this is that simple now to create and maintan automated tests, why not to increase its scale? Why not to test all your core business processes every day? Now you can !

Set-up precise security permissions 4x faster

EA optimizes security permissions set-up and gives your users the exact permissions they need to perform their job, allowing you to reduce licensing costs and time spent on role creation and assignment.

Find out how your system performs under stress, before the stress.

EA shows you how your system will perform under stress by allowing you to simulate even 1000’s of business users, allowing you to prepare system adjustments before peak hours arrive

Customer Feedback

Thanks to Executive Automats, Suez Groupe was able to reduce dramatically the number of man days required to complete a major Dynamics AX upgrade project (from AX 2012 R2 CU1 to AX 2012 R3 CU11) for one of its subsidiaries…more >>>

Bereits seit 2009 setzt die Schüco International KG in mehreren ihrer Landesgesellschaften Microsoft Dynamics AX als ERP-System ein. Laufende Anpassungen an der Software und den Geschäftsprozessen…more >>>

GO! Express & Logistics steht kurz vor der Einführung eines neuen ERP Systems auf Basis von Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Da ein erfolgreicher Go Live, den der Logistikdienstleister für 2017 plant…more >>>

We originally started our cooperation with XPLUS because of their unique testing software for Dynamics AX – Executive Automats.

The effectiveness of this software led to XPLUS being awarded…more >>>

Who we are

XPLUS has been operating on the IT market since June 2002. We are a Microsoft Inner Circle member (World Top 1%), and Gold Certified ERP Partner.

We are a team of +100 developers, consultants, business and technical architects and project managers dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 solutions.

We developed Executive Automats (first release in 2013) to use internally on our Dynamics AX implementation projects. By automating testing and security permissions we reduced our roll-out, new release, and code development times. Executive Automats allowed our development specialists to focus exclusively on creating the custom solutions and functionalities our clients needed, resulting in less time to realization, higher quality, and lower costs of the project and affected business processes.

In 2018 we decided to bring Executive Automats fully to the market and now have customers operating in 20+ industries in 20+ countries across 4 continents.